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Hunted to the End
by ilbv & NickReen

ilbv:  Happy Birthday! I hope it was excellent!
Nick: thanks
Nick: and you're just in time :3
Nick: remember what i said last night?
ilbv:  hmmm
Nick: btw, how did you sleep last night?
ilbv:  okay
ilbv:  I was comfy
ilbv:  you kept me warm
Nick: good
Nick: now we shall play
Nick: and you shall be my meal :3
Nick: now, do you want to have a weapon to defend yourself with?
ilbv:  okay...but what is the point?
Nick: I am hungry
Nick: you are a meal
ilbv:  I might hurt you...who am I kidding
Nick: yes
Nick: you might
Nick: but I will be okay
Nick: just worry about yourself  ;3
ilbv:  okay, I will
ilbv:  My goal is to survive
Nick: good
Nick: now wanna pick a gun?
ilbv:  H-how big will you be?
Nick: hmm...
Nick: I will be normal anthro
ilbv:  what gun do you suggest?
Nick: hmm...
Nick:*hands you a Barretta m93raffica*
Nick: familiar with this gun?
ilbv:  I'm not familiar with any gun
Nick: this gun is a machine pistol
Nick: one setting has a three round burst fire
Nick: another has a single shot fire, like a normal hand gun
Nick: it also has an extended magazine
Nick: and a folding stock
Nick: I suggest you Google it
ilbv:  ill just use it, I take it that your advice is best
Nick:*gives you a holster*
ilbv:  th-thanks
Nick: okay
Nick: now...
Nick: my house is surrounded by a dense forest with many places to hide and run
Nick: I will sniff you out and I will find you
Nick: anyway
Nick: start running before I eat you where you stand
Nick:*growls loudly, showing my white teeth*
ilbv:  uhhhh
ilbv:  okay
ilbv:  count to 5000
Nick:*roars loudly to scare you*
ilbv:  *dashes out*
Nick:*waits until you get a good distance*
ilbv:  miles away
Nick:*begins the hunt*
ilbv:  heart is pounding the whole time
ilbv:  "I might actually get away" I think to myself
Nick:*howling in the distance*
ilbv:  exhausted I collapse in the leaves
ilbv:  hearing the howling, I know that either he is really loud, or I am not as far as would have liked to be
ilbv:  I crawl to a stream for a drink and wash myself all over it
ilbv:  "water will erase my scent
Nick:*watches stands up on a hill in the distance and spots you* hmmm...
ilbv:  *doesn't see you*
ilbv:  I need to get farther
ilbv:  follows the stream at a steady pace
ilbv:  heading far north, away from the house's general direction
ilbv:  away from my pursuer
Nick:*quickly and quietly walks in your direction*
Nick:*hides in one of the bushes behind you
ilbv:  Been on the run for 2 hours, he is so lost, no way he could find me
ilbv:  I wade in the stream up to my waist
ilbv:  the water holds me down but I keep going through it, keeping the gun above my head
Nick:*stands across the stream in front of you, appearing there like a shadow*
Nick: Hello human, have a nice walk?
ilbv:  Yikes!
ilbv:  *slips on wet rock and plunges under the stream, gun and all*
Nick:*waits where he is*
ilbv:  regains balance
ilbv:  emerges from water
ilbv:  wipes eyes
Nick:*is no longer where he was*
ilbv:  Where did you come from!?
ilbv:  sees you not there
ilbv:  huh?
ilbv:  *looks around wildly
ilbv:  shit...
ilbv:  *examines gun*
Nick:*it's set to burst fire*
ilbv:  Damn, I don't know a thing about guns...but I do know they can't get wet, what did I do?
Nick:*is hiding in the tree above you*
ilbv:  *climbs out of the stream and speed walks out of dense woods into small field are with open air
ilbv:  pulls gun trigger, it snaps and nothing happens
Nick:*you there is no bullet in the chamber, you have to cock it*
ilbv:  *pulls something here, pulls another thing there, pulls whatever that is...pushes something, turns it till a click is head and feels the gun is set to unload firepower...Takes test shot. *BANG* the kickback hits me full force into the arm and snaps my shoulder blade and I'm flung to the ground
ilbv:  Pain sears up my arm and I tear from it
ilbv:  after a moment I stagger to my feet and hold my arm, it hurts terrible
Nick:*jumps down on the ground in front of you*
ilbv:  I bend and pick up the gun with my good hand. "How can I fire with one hand?
Nick: you suck at shooting btw
ilbv:  Ahhh
ilbv:  lifts gun at Nicks face and pulls trigger, the barrel jams
Nick: that's kinda what happens when you get it wet...*growls*
ilbv:  *turns pale* with my good fist (left one) I slug Nick in the nose, then turn and run as fast as I can. Now weaponless and injured
Nick:*holds my nose as you run then begins to chase after you*
Nick:*roars loudly, the tall, bare fur German shepherd chases after you, his stomach growling almost as loud as he roared*
ilbv:  runs fast
ilbv:  runs hard
ilbv:  my right arm hanging limply and flailing loosely
Nick:*grins as he lunges at you*
ilbv:  I hear you coming and duck
Nick:*lands on my face in front of you*
ilbv:  I hit the brakes and run in the other direction
ilbv:  serpentine!
ilbv:  zigzags as I run
ilbv:  I'm getting tired, I need and escape
Nick:* continues to look for you*
ilbv:  I see a large tree
ilbv:  and run around to the side that hides me from prying eyes and begin to climb as quietly as I can
ilbv:  the attempt is slow and painful as I only use one hand
Nick:*looks around then sniffs the air*
Nick:*sniffs loudly*
ilbv:  *Spits far away*
ilbv:  hoping the scent will lure him off
Nick:*hears you spit*
Nick:*grins* hmm...
Nick: I wonder where that human is
ilbv:  my hand hits tree sap
ilbv:  it's gooey
ilbv:  I see its part of a large ball
ilbv:  I wince and grab the ball of slime
ilbv:  I rub it all over me and blend my scent in with the tree
Nick: hmm...*looks around, is now standing bellow you*
ilbv:  then I lean against a branch about 10 feet off the ground
ilbv:  I'm perfectly still and silent
ilbv:  I can see Nick below me and my heart is throbbing
Nick:*perks my ears and grins*
ilbv:  *closes my eyes* and hopes "please go away, please go away"
Nick:*growls low* I can hear your heart beating....
ilbv:  he's one has hearing that good
ilbv:  I try to convince myself and just for good measure calm myself down
Nick:*looks up at you* can see you
ilbv:  *eyes squeezed shut* "Please go away, Please don't see me, I'm safe, I'm safe...I'm safe"
Nick:*growls, then gets out my claws and climbs up the tree quickly and quietly, then sits on the branch next to you*
ilbv:  *opens eyes and looks down* he's gone
Nick:*sits there and says nothing*
ilbv:  "maybe I should climb higher"
Nick:*watches you*
ilbv:  I turn and reach up for a close branch, but it requires me to step sideways and I feel a hard combat boot under my own running show...
ilbv:  I freeze
ilbv:  My eyes move around wildly, there is nowhere to go. I could fall, but I would break something and be done for.
Nick: so....give up?
Nick: I'm very....very....hungry...
Nick:*belly growls loudly*
Nick: and I'm craving human
ilbv:  I swallow and remain quiet, but the lack of answer is a dead give away
Nick: hmm....
Nick: we are very high up
Nick: would be a shame if I pushed you off....
ilbv:  "he didn't say that...he's kidding..."
Nick:*pokes you hard*
ilbv:  I inhale soundlessly and hold my breath
ilbv:  His finger jabs my side and I want to keel over so badly, but I don't move
Nick:*pokes you hard* my stomach is getting impatient >;3
ilbv:  I wince at the jab and shudder slightly
Nick:*pushes you gently*
Nick:*kicks you*
ilbv:  I get a head rush, but it was enough. My shoe slips off his boot and catches open air. I yelp and fall; I close my eyes and hit the ground hard, right on my back
ilbv:  the wind is forced out of me and I nearly black out
Nick:*jumps on the ground next to you*
ilbv:  the pain makes me feel like a stiff board
Nick: hmm...maybe that was kinda mean
ilbv:  I garble sound as an answer
ilbv:  I know he secretly loves this moment
Nick: hmm...
Nick:*looks down at you*....
ilbv:  He loved pushing me, he is so deviously evil
Nick: I was expecting more of a fight
Nick: oh well
Nick:*sits on your belly*
ilbv:  A tear oozes from me
ilbv:  "I--" I tried to say
ilbv:  but my voice is horse with pain
ilbv:  I want to tell him I'm sorry, but the words cannot form in my throat
ilbv:  Hopefully he can figure it out
Nick: so human, give in?
Nick:*licks your tears* you have nothing to be sorrowful for
Nick: I am sorry for harming you
Nick: I am pushing you too far
ilbv:  I wish I had been a better hunt, but I'm just a prey, an easy one...every preds best dream
Nick:*licks your face* I'm thirsty....
ilbv:  He's in luck because tears stream out of me
Nick:*sighs and holds you in my lap*
Nick: I'm sorry...I can't believe I did that...
ilbv:  whether it's from the pain, the failure I am to defend myself, the love of this devious pred,
Nick: I'm a mean pred....I'm sorry
ilbv:  I cannot tell
ilbv:  so I just let it happen
Nick:*pushes your head to my chest*
ilbv:  I'm bruised and battered and hurt, I'm the perfect lunch
Nick: I should at least heal you before I eat you
Nick: right?
Nick:*rubs your back*
ilbv:  I can't answer...I just breathe slowly, making sure I know I'm still alive
ilbv:  I could be eaten right now and kept safe in a warm room
Nick: hmm....
ilbv:  I could be forced to wait for the pain to naturally heal...
Nick: I don't want you to endure this
Nick: you're in enough pain already
Nick:*gives you special herb*
ilbv:  I bite it
Nick:*eat it
ilbv:  I chew
ilbv:  and eat it
Nick:*cuddles you* just relax, it will work soon
ilbv:  I whimper like a puppy, something I don't so often
Nick:*licks your face* after you feel better, I will devour you and my stomach will heal you further
Nick: I'm trying to decide if I want to be a taur or anthro
Nick: if I were a taur Sheppey, I could have your blood in one belly and you in the other
ilbv:  I close my eyes and rest my head on the ground. He wants my blood again
Nick:*the herbs begin to work*
ilbv:  he wants my damn blood
ilbv:  when will he ever leave it in my body where it belongs?
Nick:*pets you* I'm being a bad friend...
ilbv:  but really, at this stage in the game, I'm a weakling
ilbv:  He could literally do anything to me and I couldn't do anything about it
Nick: I don't wanna take advantage of you...
Nick: I can't do this...
Nick:*picks you up and takes you back to my home*
ilbv:  "maybe not so evil after all" I wonder
Nick:*after a while, I take you in my house and place you on my bed*
Nick:*gets you some medicine* here you go
ilbv:  reaches for bottle with good arm
ilbv:  I'm sore all over
Nick: I can't believe I did that...
Nick:*rubs special ointment on your spine and arm*
ilbv:  *winces at the pain* "I'm sorry I wasn't good enough. I disappointed you."
Nick: no, no
Nick: not your fault
Nick: I'm evil
Nick: I'm sorry...
Nick: I shouldn't hurt you and push you
Nick: you make me wanna be a devious predator
Nick: but you're so nice, I don't wanna hurt you
ilbv:  I swallow some medicine and my lower lip trembles
Nick: you did nothing wrong
Nick: taking advantage of you
Nick: I wanna try to be a devious pred, but I too nice
Nick: I'm sorry...
ilbv:  I didn't give you the thrill you were looking for. "I was expecting more of a fight" is what you said. and I can't shoot, you said I was terrible...and for you to say that...being a must be true!
Nick: no...
Nick: I just...
Nick: I'm sorry...
Nick: I'm to tired to be thrilled anyway
Nick: I really wanted to be a pred but...I don't wanna hurt u
Nick:*cuddles you* I'm sorry...
Nick: you did nothing wrong
ilbv:  I want you to be a pred
ilbv:  I love that you are one
Nick: I don't want you to get hurt though
ilbv:  You do it so well
ilbv:  Just eat me already; I want to be inside you
Nick: okay buddy...
Nick:*licks your feet* just relax
Nick: I'm just gonna put you in my belly
Nick:*begins to envelope your legs*
ilbv:  sighs, being gobbled up at last, as If I didn't see it coming
Nick:*is not up to your waist*
Nick:*pulls you in more as your toes touch the bottom of my belly, only your head sticking out as I pull that in as well, licking over it*
ilbv:  I whimper again and slide further in like a gummy worm
Nick:*pulls you in all the way as I close my mouth, sealing your fate*
Nick:*you enter my belly gently as it welcomes you with a gurgle*
ilbv:  I slosh inside and feel encased by warm love
Nick:*rubs my heavy belly*
Nick:*it begins to heal you*
ilbv:  I am safe, for now I guess
Nick:*stands up and holds my belly* do you trust me?
ilbv:  I sigh long and think. "Yes, I trust you. I love you"
Nick: heh heh, love me?
ilbv:  <3
Nick: how so?
ilbv:  As a charge and its protector, a man and his shepard, best friends
Nick:*hugs* trust me enough to let me digest you?
ilbv:  Yes Nick, and only because you just had your birthday. I trust you. My gift to you buddy <3
Nick:*hugs my belly* okay, just relax, it won't hurt a bit
Nick: you may even leave with something
Nick: ready?
ilbv:  I look around the stomach and feel it churning.
ilbv:  Yes
Nick: okay *sits down as I begin to rub my belly. soon, juices begin to pour in*
ilbv:  They are the color of soda and tickle me gently. No pain what so ever.
Nick:*the gasses given off make you sleepy, they begin to painlessly break you down*
ilbv:  I feel myself coming apart, but not it a bloody gory way, just like pieces of a puzzle. I shrink and swirl around in the bubbles
Nick:*once you become a nice juice, I lye back and then finally finish you off, soon, my stomach becomes round and delightfully thick with a nice layer of fat*
ilbv:  I watch as the intestines open up and I travel through them, a place I have never been before
ilbv:  As a liquid, I gather up with all my liquid pieces and become a stream of me
Nick:*suddenly, you begin to reform next to me*
ilbv:  The intestinal tract fades away and I am standing beside Nick who is lying on his bed and rubbing his belly
Nick: that wasn't so bad, was it?
ilbv:  I was actually a little uncomfortable with it, you have no idea
Nick: well now you have something special though
Nick: you have some of my abilities
Nick: anyway, we can discuss that later
Nick: I need to sleep soon
Nick: and I think you could cuddle with ur dog :3
Nick:*lifts up the covers* sorry you were uncomfortable with it, but I made it as best I can
ilbv:  I hope I was a tasty meal
ilbv:  Being reformed has left me feeling like new again
Nick: good :3
Nick: now cuddle with your buddy and his belly, he is sleepy
ilbv:  *climbs in bed beside Nick*
Nick:*lowers the blanket*
ilbv:  Rests head on his chest and strokes the belly that wobbles slightly from my addition to it
Nick:*murrs*  thanks
Nick: good night buddy, i can't wait to see you again :3
Nick: you're a great friend :3
Nick: night :3
ilbv:  Goodnight Nick
ilbv:  my doggy
ilbv:  my best friend
Nick: My human buddy :3
ilbv:  <3
Nick: good night
ilbv:  sleep well my canine
Nick is a hungry German Shepard and he likes to play with his food before he eats it, and he is determined to get what or who he wants right where he wants them…his stomach.
In this Roleplay between myself and the devious Shepard, ilbv has found himself the fearful target of this canine’s ravenous hunger.
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Vinyllovesthebass Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014
um wow ilbv's brave as shit!!!! i've broken 4 bones in the most painful ways possible but he got shot (by himself) and broke his back by a 10 ft drop ouch. i've fallen off a climbing frame, trampoline and a shed (a few times) but none were 5ft or higher.but them two in one day!!! mine were done in a decade 
Mrliteratureart Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
...... wow. Ummmmmm............
He seems like a softie that can go too far in things.
SirVorephile Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
Great RP
SirVorephile Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
Great RP
DarqfangofSeido Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Student Writer
Personally I would pick my M1. I am a good shot and I own a bayonet to go with it
HappyWorld66 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012
Awesome roleplay dude
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