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Big Hungry Guys
by ericstripe as a gift to ilbv

Agua lumbered tiredly down the quiet street. He angrily grumbled about as much as his big round empty stomach did, and for good reason. Most restaurants were closed this time of night, and even if they were open, he wouldn't be able to pay. The 8 foot aqua-blue lizard hadn't eaten in hours, and it was starting to bother him.

"Grrr.... that does it, first guy I see outside is mine..."

It was a good thing he decided on this, because as soon as he turned the corner, lo and behold, a human in a red shirt and jeans stood at a bus stop. His mouth watered a bit, but he backpedaled behind the corner and thought to himself.

"Okay, okay. You have to charge him. It's dark over here, so he can't see you.", the hungry lizard mumbled to himself. "Just charge em' and eat em'. That's it."

"Are you okay?"

The lizard jumped a bit and saw that the human no longer stood a few feet away. He was next to him, though it didn't seem that he heard Agua's rambling.

Agua wasted no time. His meal was a good one or two feet shorter than he was, so he grabbed him by the shoulders and tossed him high in the air. He closed his eyes and opened his jaws wide, tongue lolling out. Agua nearly fell back when the human hit home. He didn't stop at the maw; he slipped right down and bounced into the fat lizard's belly, stretching it so much at impact that he almost touched the ground. His gut jerked and wobbled before returning to its round shape, but this didn't last long; his prey rewarded the lizard with a series of kicks and struggles.

Agua's throat rumbled in pleasure as the human's hands and feet stretched his rubber-like belly, effortlessly retracting the futile hits into itself. The lizard belched, licking his lips before turning towards home.

"Mmm, you struggle pretty well, buddy!", the lizard joked.

"Let me out! I'm supposed to be at my friend Ryuu's place!"

"Now why would I let a good meal like you, go? Who are ya?"


"Hm. Funny name, but hey, my name is Spanish for water, so I can't complain."

Agua caught one of the kicks before shoving it back, causing his belly to wobble.

"Okay, ilbv, look, I'm not going to digest you, but at the same time, I'm not letting you go either."

"What? Why?"

"'Cause you're the only meal I've come across so fa--" the lizard stopped and looked ahead, noticing a familiar figure up ahead. It was a deer, antlers tall, but he didn't have the majestic stocky build. This one in particular was fat; Agua himself was a decent 340, but his friend hit the 390 mark, with brown fur and a big round white fuzzy belly to boot.

"Derek!" Agua shouted. He waved happily at his mammalian friend, but he didn't wave back. And was it him, or did he seem to be getting lower and bigger at the same time? No, wait a second... he was charging at him!

Agua expelled all of the air in his lungs (along with his meal) as his fuzzy buddy slammed into his gut. With Agua out of the way, the deer leaned back, opening his jaws wide a ilbv plummeted into his soft stomach. Once again, the struggles ensued, his fuzzy round belly making imprints of feet and hands, only to be tugged back in with loud GLORPs.

"Heya Agua!"

Agua sputtered. "You jerk... stealing my food like that...."

Derek chuckled and walked over to a closed shop window, admiring his form in the refection.

"Oh, hush. This isn't the first time I've taken food from you."

He observed the human's struggles for a moment, right before letting out a hearty belch. If there was any space in the deer's belly, it expelled out, because ilbv was suddenly so hugged in by the fleshy interior that he couldn't move a muscle.

"Later bud! I'll seeya tomorrow!", the deer taunted, jogging off with a bouncing belly, knowing full well that the lizard hadn't caught his breath yet.

Derek jogged happily down the block, his belly jostling up and down as he moved with a proud grin on his face. He was an omnivorous deer, and not at all ashamed. Trips like this were normal, and though some considered what he did to Agua bullying, they considered it a normal thing.

The deer's thinking was interrupted by a weak kick just below his navel, causing him to let out a small burp. He chuckled and bounced his gut, torturing the poor catch.

"Persistent are we? Look, I'm not gonna digest you or anything, but you don't fill me up much! I can actually fit two or three more in there, and though I love struggles, I'm hunting, so you need to keep still. I let out most of the air to keep you from moving, but I'm trying to keep you alive..."

"Look, I don't have time for--"

The deer stopped abruptly and kneaded the top of his belly.

"Hush, you bad boy, I think I spot a zebra!"

It was true. A striped equine stood at the end of the corner.

"Alright, so all I have to do is sneak around and--"

"RUN!", ilbv yelled.

"Huh? Oh for crying out loud... you can't outrun me!"

Derek took off, smiling as the human was bounced around again, and even more as the distance between him and the zebra lessened.

Ilbv wasn't sure if he had warned the zebra in time, but his captor was running, so he guessed that he did. In truth, it was pretty comfy in here, the soft, squishy walls were like pillows cushioning him from all sides. He now knew the deer enjoyed struggles, just not when hunting, but now, he wasn't exactly stealthy anymore. So, ilbv pushed out with his arms, trying to see how far he could get before being yanked back in.

From the outside, Derek smiled as his elastic furry belly stretched to conform to the humans outstretched hands. With a loud glorp, he was tugged back into the deer's midsection, causing him to belch again. However, the smile grew to a grin as ilbv gave it a second try, this time with his legs.

"Man, I really like you", Derek chuckled, watching as ilbv's limbs were pulled back into his round middle. He gave it a pat and continued to chase his prey down the empty street.

Ilbv finally got his answer as he heard a yelp, a gulp, followed by another loud "glurk" as a slightly-chubby figure was crammed into the deer's stretchy stomach with him. He was fuzzy, and cursing.

"Dang it! Lemme out, Derek! I have class tomorrow!"

"Good! You can copy my notes."

"You don't take notes, you fatty!"

"And proud of it!" the deer gave his belly a playful slap, watching it jiggle with two prisoners.

"Okay, one more. I need both of you to be very quie--"

Both Eric and ilbv yelled. "RUN!"

The deer cursed under his breath and took off after the raptor that had begun to run. On his way, he smirked as Eric's larger form began to struggle in his bulging belly.

"Easy... hey, okay, that feels really good, but your bigger than the human, you're actually slowing me down!", the deer laughed and let out another loud belch.

"'Scuse me.", he said. Both the human and the zebra found the space squeezed in tighter, though it didn't matter much; Derek's stomach seemed stretchy enough to fit a refrigerator.

"Thanks for warning me", Eric grunted as tried to adjust himself. His bouncing prison wouldn't allow it, so he eventually gave up. "He does this almost every night, but I actually prefer him over Logan

"Who's Logan?"

"Well, do you know Agua, the blue lizard?"

"Sort of", ilbv replied.

"Well, Logan's a shark, and the same way Derek and Agua play around, he does the same."

The conversation was interrupted by a loud glurk, and a muffled yelp as a green raptor with purple feathers on his head, and purple stripes going down his back, was stuffed into the realm of the deer gut with them.

"Agh! Son of a--"

"Rami! You too?", Eric asked.

"No duh! What does this guy weigh, like more than 300 pounds?! He shouldn't be able to run this fast! Now give me some space!"

"Hey! Rami, your foot's in my face!"

"We're in a deer's stomach! Deal with it!"

The chamber shook as Derek sat on his rump on a bench in the park. Rami whimpered a bit as the stomach began to fill with liquid.

"Relax. That's not acid, it's supposed to soften up food, but since you guys aren't as soft as burgers, they won't work on ya." he gave his belly a few pats, listening as a few glorps and gurgles echoed out of his round belly. It sagged over his knees, and the form of the three meals was less defined from the exterior of the furry soft dome. The deer put his hands on both sides of his belly, pushing both sides together before letting go, letting it jiggle back into place.

"Let us out!", Rami yelled as he gave an angry kick.

"Maybe I'll consider it, if you struggle for a while longer."

"Are you serious?"

"Yup! Teasing you fellas sure passes the time! I'm bored right now, and it's what, like 4:00 in the morning? Class won't start until 8:35."

Rami angrily kicked right above the deers navel, causing the hunter to grin.

"I hope you get indigestion."

The deer laughed and rubbed over his belly, finding Rami's snout, and ruffling his head before picking up his full gut and dropping it with a bounce. The struggles began, with Rami, pushing the middle, Eric pressing the bottom, and ilbv bulging the top. The deer leaned back and belched, laughing briefly before emitting a moan of pleasure as his three meals exercised the stretching ability of his gut. All the while, Derek rubbed, patted, playfully slapped, picked up and dropped, shook, poked, prodded, and hugged his jostling belly. Glorps, gurgles, sloshes, glorps, and blorps would echo out as the stomach yanked in the struggling forms of its occupants, as if trying to maintain the round shape of the deer's big belly.

"Hang on a second! Okay, now all three of you stretch out as far as you can, okay?"

"Are we really doing this?" Rami complained.

"Do you want to get out of here or not?"

"Man, I'm gonna be late to Ryuu's place...", ilbv muttered.

All at once, Eric, Rami, and ilbv slowly pressed out, trying to get as far as possible at different sides, the form of a raptor, a zebra, and a human pressing out the the fuzzy white dome.


Derek laughed as the stomach, presumably frustrated, yanked Rami, Eric, and ilbv back into his shaking belly, bouncing them around until it slowed to it's sagging pudgy and bulging form.

"Aw, not bad at all! But you fellas should try to get farther next time! Now let's get back to strugglin'!", he said with a belly slap.

A few good hours passed, the struggling continued, and every now and then, Derek would ask them to do what he called "The Ultimate Stretch" again.

After a while, Derek kneaded his gut tightly, prohibiting any movement.

"Hang on, I think I hear something..."


"I'm full you idiots!"

All at once, a shark, weighing a good 400 pounds, clad in blue swimming trunks with the front covered with his large round belly, hugged Derek so tight that he spat out all three captives into the lake in front of them.

"Finally!", Rami rejoiced. " I am so out of... oh no..." he stammered.

The fat shark slowly sunk below the surface of the water. Eric was the first to be tugged down, a loud voluminous gulp actually rippling the water in that area.

Rami yelped and tried to swim away, but a squishy dome appeared under him, bouncing the screaming raptor into the air before a pair of jaws opened, closing behind the reptile and swallowing him whole. Ilbv looked around as silence took over. Derek was just beginning to recover, so the human backpedaled a bit, bumping into something soft. He looked up and saw the sharks grin just before he bit down as gently as a lamb and tossed ilbv into the air, taking a gulp that sent the falling human right into his quite spacy gut.

"Hey, Derek! Catch!"

The shark tossed Eric over to the deer, who looked up with a smile on his face before opening his jaws wide. Eric yelped as he slid as a bulge down the deer's throat and plopped into his round belly. He struggled and let out muffled curses, and Derek waved at Logan with one hand and rubbed his belly with the other, before using both hands and belching from the struggles of his favorite zebra.

"Yo! Agua! Think fast!"

Logan reached down his throat and yanked Rami out of his mouth, dunked him in the lake, and slung the raptor toward the downcast lizard. Agua looked up grinned, and opened his jaws wide as he swallowed the raptor in one gulp. The raptor's form bulged defiantly, and Agua walked off happily as he licked his chops.

"Now then, you're ilbv, right?"

Ilbv was shocked that this guy knew his name. "Yeah... how did you--"

"Agua told me. He was really sad about losing his dinner, but he should be happy now, since Rami's bigger than you. Derek's a little greedy."

"But anyway, I'm pretty sure I know where Ryuu lives, he's a good two blocks down from my house."

Logan jogged softly, despite his weight, the gentle bounce lulling ilbv to sleep. When he reached the house, he let the human out, carrying him over to the doorstep and knocking on the door.

The black dragon answered with a grunt.

"It's too early for-- whoa, ilbv! He was supposed to be here hours ago!"

"Yeah." Logan said. "A mild setback on my part, I should really keep a closer eye on my friends." the shark admitted. Before Ryuu could say anything else, He shoved the human into his jaws, prompting him to automatically swallow. While still recovering from the shock of that, Logan closed the door, whistling as he left the porch and lumbered down the sidewalk.

It was then that his stomach emitted a low growl.

"Dang, now I'm hungry..." he complained.

"Well... There's always Derek and Agua..."

A story that was given to me as a surprise by ericstripe. I have no idea why he did this for me, it was so unexpected, but so sweet of him too. I am very grateful for his generosity.

So in this story (which I titled) ilbv and a few other characters find themselves as targeted meals for Huge Hungry Predators!
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