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If it looks good, eat it!
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Saria's Small Dilemma 6 by Brainwashed-Psyche

This is pretty well done. I mean wow! I have been trying to master the inside and outside of mouth's for my own work for over a year no...

I really enjoy the work you seemed to have out into this. I am a big fan of the dragon/dinosaur species and reptiles, so what you have ...

B-day gift for Epic c: by ryuuminari

I am a huge sucker for Dragons and their badassery. This is really cool and really awesome. It just says "POW" to me, and I love the in...

Wonderful work! Seeing a dragon swallowing it's ffod is a marvel sight. Now of course this has been done before by many other artists a...


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28 deviants said Dragon
20 deviants said Human Giant
19 deviants said Wolf
13 deviants said Minotaur
6 deviants said Horse
5 deviants said Orca
5 deviants said Lion
5 deviants said Kangaroo
5 deviants said Dinosaur
4 deviants said Shark


Aug 27, 2015
10:08 pm
Aug 27, 2015
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Aug 27, 2015
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Aug 27, 2015
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Aug 27, 2015
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Just somewhere I can access all of them in a nice orderly place

Toothless Fan Club:…
ToothlessFanClub: toothless-fan-club.deviantart.…
Toothless Lovers:…
A Boy And His Dragon: a-boy-and-his-dragon.deviantar…

Walt Disney High:…
Disney-Crossovers: disney-crossovers.deviantart.c…
Disney Dragons:
All Villains:

Requests Galore:

World of Lineart:…
Color Me Club:
Equine Lineart:

Free Words:
Love Writing:
Story Writer's Club: story-writers-club.deviantart.…
Writingismyaddiction: writingismyaddiction.deviantar… 
Trapped in Fiction: trapped-in-fiction.deviantart.… (10 Submissions Per Folder a Day)
Write Way: (1 Submission a Day)
My Sould Bleeds Ink: my-soul-bleeds-ink.deviantart.… (1 Submission a Day)

ArtLoversUnited:… (1 Submission a Day)
Anything Zone:
Come To Life:
Couples of all kinds: couples-of-all-kinds.deviantar…
CuteCool: (NO SCARY, NO MATURE - Featured is ONLY MY WORK and BEST) 2 Submissions a Day
Dreaming Hearts: (3 Submissions a Week)

Dragon Groups:
Dragon Fan Club:…
Lair of the Dragons:… YES
DragonLoversLikeYou: dragonloverslikeyou.deviantart… YES
Dragons Everything: dragons-everything.deviantart.…
Dragons Domain: YES
Dragon Would: 
Dragons 4Ever:
Dragon Luvers: (1 Submission a Day. ONLY MY WORK! Best Preffered. No Dinos)
The Dragon Land: (1 Submission Per Folder a Week)
Dragon Lovers: (2 Submissions a Day)
The Dragon Palace:… (1 Submission Per Folder a Day)
All Dragon's World:… (5 Submissions a Day) (Ask Them Before Submitting)
Dragon's Fan Group: dragons-fan-group.deviantart.c… (5 Submissions a Day) YES
DragonCartoonClub: dragoncartoonclub.deviantart.c… (5 Submissions a Day) NO VORE -Other Fantasy Creatures & Humans Allowed
Flammies and Dragons: flammiesanddragons.deviantart.… (No Limit, but Being Nice 10 Submissions a Day) YES
Scales and Claws Club: scales-and-clawsclub.deviantar… (Submit only my work. 6 submissions a week) YES
The Dragon Fans:… (5 Submissions a Week)
DragonHumanBonds:… (No Vore) (5 Submissions a Week)
Dragon Spot: (3 Submissions a Week)
DragonArtists: (3 Submissions a Week, only the BEST. MY WORK ONLY) YES
Dragon Paintings:… (NO VORE!)
Tough Dragon:
DragonesMX: (Submit only my work) YES
We Are Dragons:
Original Dragons:…
Dragons and Nagas:…
Sexy Anthro Dragons: sexyanthrodragons.deviantart.c… VORE in OTHER
The Dragon Gods:…
Red Dragon World:… (Red Dragons Only)
Dragonsruleclub:… (No vore, my art only)

The Predators:
Epic Lizards: (includes dragons) NO VORE!
Sexy Anthro Reptilians: sexyanthroreptilians.deviantar… YES JOIN OPTION CLOSED CURRENTLY
Reptilian Affinity: reptilian-affinity.deviantart.… Yes but wait a bit between submissions
Ripped Scalies: (NO VORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Deviant Scales: (includes Sharks and Dragons) YES
Scaled Races:
All Crazy Reptiles: all-crazy-reptiles.deviantart.… (4 Submissions a Day)
Here Come The Guys:… (3 Submissions a Day) YES
The Buffness CLub: (3 Submissions a Day)
BigMuscleAnthros:… (3 Submissions a Day)
Anthro Muscle: (3 Submissons a Day) NO VORE AT ALL!
Anthro Reptiles:… (2 Submissions a Day) (only Anthro, NO VORE)
Male Muscle: (1 Submission a Week)
Muscle Growth:
Muscle Anthro Mania: muscle-anthro-mania.deviantart…

Aquatic Anthros: (3 submissions a day) NO VORE APPROVAL
Shark Fans: (3 Submissions a Day Per Folder)
Shark Anthros: (Strict on copied arts)
Sharks Korner: APPROVAL
SharkLagoon: YES
Deviantart Sharks:…
Dolphins and Whales: dolphinsandwhales.deviantart.c…
CetaOCs: YES
Terrors of the Deep: terrors-of-the-deep.deviantart… YES
Jaws Fan Club:
Underwater Dreaming: underwaterdreaming.deviantart.…

LWA Lions, Wolves, Anthros: (5 Submission Per Folder a Week, 1 Story a Month)
Felines vs Canines: felines-vs-canines.deviantart.… YES (5 Submissions a Day)
Paradise of Canines and Felines: paradise-of-canines.deviantart… YES (4 Submissions Per Folder a Day)
Cadaverous Canaines: cadaverous-canines.deviantart.… YES (3 Submissions a Day) (Felines Accepted Too)
Narutodragonsstuff: narutodragonsstuff.deviantart.… (DRAGONS WOLVES HORSES)
The Drawing Pack:… YES (Felines and Horses Accepted Too)


WolfFans: YES (10 Submissions a Day)
ArtWolvesFurries: art-wolves-furries.deviantart.… (10 Submissions a Day)
Wolf Creations:… (2 Submissions a Day. My Art ONLY. No Sexual Stuff, No TV Characters)
Canine Alliance:… (5 Submissions Per Folder a Week)
Big Bad Dogs: YES (5 Submissions a Week)
OurWolfStyle: (5 Submissions a Week)
WerewolfHorror:… (3 Submissions a Week)
Canine Love: (2 Submissions a Week) NO VORE!
Wolf Artists Unite:… YES (1 Submission a Week Per Folder)
Canine Creatures:…
Canines Unleashed: canines-unleashed.deviantart.c… YES
Incredible Canines: incrediblecanines.deviantart.c… YES
Proud Lycan Lovers: proud-lycan-lovers.deviantart.… (NO VORE)
Wolf Art and Photos: wolf-art-and-photos.deviantart… YES
The Wolf Pack: NO VORE
ThePackWeRun2gether: thepack-werun2gether.deviantar…
Wolves of the Night: wolves-of-the-night.deviantart…
WereAnthroWolves:… YES
Artist of The Wolf:… ONLY MY WORK
Deviantart-Wolves: deviantart-wolves.deviantart.c…
Howlers Club:
Crazy for Canines:
Wolf Revolution:…
Wolf Vore Lovers:…

Horses And Hounds:… (5 Submissions a Day) (Canines Allowed)
Ultimate Horse Club: ultimate-horses-club.deviantar… (2 Submissions a Day) NO Vore
EquineHeart: (3 Submissions a Day)

Devious Creatures: devious-creatures.deviantart.c… (5 Submissions a Day)
DA Monsters: (2 Submissions a Day)
World of Monsters: world-of-monsters.deviantart.c… (7 Submissions a Week)
Carnivore Creations: carnivore-creations.deviantart… (2 Submissions a Week) (No Fan Art)
LegendsoftheMinotaur: legendsoftheminotaur.deviantar…
Beasts of Myth:…
Pack of The Chosen: pack-of-the-chosen.deviantart.… (anything animal)
Monster-Creature:… (Non Existant Creatures Only)
Wicked Beasts:

All Anthros:
The Were Club:
The Anthro City:…
AnthroUninverseMax: anthrouniversemax.deviantart.c…
Proud Anthro Artist: proudanthroartist.deviantart.c… (No Feral) (7 Submissions a Day)
Unnotice Anthro Art: unnoticed-anthro-art.deviantar… (3 Submission A Day)
Anthro Male: (2 Submissions a Day)
Anthro Fantasy: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart… (1 Deviation a Week)
Anthro Club:
Anthro Group:
Anthro Males Only: anthro-males-only.deviantart.c…
Anthro Hotel: (Feral Allowed)
Anthro Topia:
Cartoony Anthros:… (Feral Allowed Too)

Furry Beef: (3 Submissions a Day)
Feral Furries: (5 Submissions a Week Per Folder)
FurFandom: (5 Submissions a Day)
FurternityClub: (2 Submissions a Day)
Furry Central:
Furry Kitchen:
Muscled Furries:…
Male Furries:

Macros Inc:
Macro Anthro Furries: macroanthrofurries.deviantart.…
Bigs And Littles:… (3 Submissions a Week) YES
Gentle Giants Group: gentlegiantsgroup.deviantart.c…
Giant Monsters Clan: giant-monsters-clan.deviantart…
Giant Men Club:
GiantLords: YES

SelfTaughtArtist:… (2 Submissions a Week) My Work Only
DAFantasy: (1 Submission A Week)
Fantasy Beyond: (5 Submissions a Day) (Safe Art Only)
Creative Fantasy:… (3 Submissions a Week) (Only My Work)
Guysindistress3: guys-in-distress3.deviantart.c…

Vore Groups:
Dragons And Vore: (10 Submissions a Day Per Folder)
Whales and Vore:
Vore or Be Vored:…
Creature Vore:
Safe Vore Club:
Safe Vore Lovers:…
Love and Vore: (4 Submissions a Day)
DVArtists: (2 Submissions a Day)
The Vore Club: (3 Submissions a Day)
TheOMNOMs: (5 Submissions a Day)
Stuffing and Feeding: stuffingandfeeding.deviantart.… (1 Art Submission a Day, 10 Story Submissions a Day)
Clean Vore:
Purest Vore:
FatDragonVorishClub: fatdragonvorishclub.deviantart… (Dragons)
Human Vore:
M Preds: (5-8 Submissions a Day) (NO furry Art, Humans only)
M Vore and Expansion: m-vore-and-expansion.deviantar… (Submit only my work)
Strange Tastes: (1 Submission a Week) (Submit ONLY MY WORK, FAVORITE WORK NOT MINE)
Can'tBelieveitsvore: cantbelieveitsvore.deviantart.…
Anthros and Vore:…
All Vore and More: all-vore-and-more.deviantart.c…
Vore Characters:
Vore Monsters: NO FANART
Vore Vetrans:
Vore Community:
Vore Grounds:

FurBellyDynasty: fur-belly-dynasty.deviantart.c…
Belly Club:
Big Belly Drawings:… (5 Submissions a Day)
The Belly Shot Club:… (3 Submissions a Day Per Folder)
Belly Supporters:…
ExpansionArtistsClub: expansionartistsclub.deviantar… APPROVAL
Male Expansion Club: maleexpansionclub.deviantart.c… (1 Submission a Day Per Folder) My Work Only

Furry Maws:


ilbv's Profile Picture
Easy Catch
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
NOTICE: When you note me, try to state your reason for noting me as soon as possible. I don't use notes to chat, I have Skype for that type of talk.

Hello, I'm ilbv I live and work in the Big Apple. I Love Dragons and many other wonderful creatures. I love meeting new people and snuggles and hugs, but if you don't like those that's totally cool too.

I also hugely enjoy drawing and writing. I often draw for those I admire a lot <3 and anyone who wants to toss some coins my way.
I have a big heart and I'm a big dreamer.

My Birthday is March 4th.
- ilbv

Commissions: Sure
Trades: What could we do?
Requests: Closed Currently


Understand Me by ilbv
Understand Me

I watched you or I commented on your pictures or works of your characters because I like the pictures, I have a huge appreciation for Muscle work, or regal creatures, if it happens to be a voracious picture then I'm more or less sure you enjoy the subject too.

This is mostly for people who are new and may not get this whole vore thing I like, and they don't have to. If they want to ask about it, I'm sure they will, or do research on it themselves, who knows.

No one spurred this on, I didn't make this art because of anyone, but it did just come to me, so I want to make sure I am understood and no one takes things the wrong way.

Roach Love by ilbv
Roach Love

So basically :iconroachmaster7: asked me to draw a Roach Monster because he liked my Closet Monster drawing…  so I figured I would try just for the humor of it, and then I made this little creation and I fell in love with its adorable cuteness. I mean seriously!!!!!! The cute factor is off the charts with this one! Maybe it's his huge teary eyes, or his teeth-like things, or that he is all hunched in on himself, oh he makes me melt.

Yes he is big enough to devour me, but I really don't care about that right now, and I also don't think that is even on his mind, poor guy's heart is broken, MUST FIX!

Now I am by no means a Cockroach fan, but if they are big, sentient and snuggly, I will change my mind pretty fast.

This was great insect drawing practice too because I do have an insect character in development stages. More soon to come!!!



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149meep Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015   General Artist
You make great artwork. I wish I could draw as well as you can. Can I eat you?
ilbv Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Um, well thank you. I don't think I'm the greatest though. Im sure if you keep trying youll get better. I guess you can ^^;
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Hey its me. :icondarkdrakeskye:
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ilbv Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
makes sense. Thank you.
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Hi there ^^
GoldenSkarmory Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
How are you? :3
ilbv Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Im very well, and you? What brings you to my page?
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